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Kirishima Geoguide Network Bylaws

(General) Article 1: This association shall be referred to as the Kirishima Geoguide Network (hereby referred to as "the network").
(Purpose) Article 2: The purpose of the network is to expand the use of local resources through geotourism in the Kirishima Geopark and to activate the region by educating and spreading awareness and improving the quality of said initiative.
(Operations) Article 3: The following operations shall be conducted to achieve the purpose of the network.
(1) Kirishima Geopark guide operations
(2) Operations to disseminate and educate, train, and exchange and collect information concerning geotourism.
(3) Other operations deemed necessary to achieve the purpose of the network.
(Members) Article 4: Members consist of those who have passed the Kirishima Geoguide Intermediate Certification Exam and who have approved of the network's purpose.
2. Member names will be registered in the Kirishima Geoguide Network roster and as a general rule will be publically displayed.
(Admission / Withdrawal) Article 5: Those who would join the network must submit an admission form (Form no. 1).
2. Those who would withdraw from the network must submit a withdrawal notice (Form no. 2).
(Officers) Article 6: The network is to have one chairman and two vice-chairmen to be selected by members.
2. The chairman is to oversee network business and represent the network.
3. If something happens to the chairman or the chairman is absent, the vice-chairmen are to take on the chairman's duties.
4. The term for chairman and vice-chairman is to be two years. However, reappointment is possible.
(Regular Meetings) Article 7: The network is to hold regular meetings as seen proper, and to uphold the following matters.
(1) Meetings related to the bylaws, organization, etc.
(2) Meetings related to the content of activities and operations of the network.
(3) Exchange of information and opinions between members.
(4) Hold training sessions in order to improve the skills of members.
(5) Other operations as deemed necessary to achieve the purpose of the network.
(Officer meetings) Article 8: Officer meetings are to be comprised of the chairman and vice-chairmen. However, other people may participate when deemed necessary by the chairman.
(Office) Article 9: For the time being, the main office of the network is to be at the Kirishima Geopark Division, Commerce and Tourism Department, City of Kirishima, 3-45-1 Kokubu Chuo, Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima-ken.
(Business year) Article 10: The business year of the network is to be from April 1st to March 31st of the following year.
(Other) Article 11: Matters other than those defined in these bylaws that are deemed necessary to the operation of the network are to be defined separately by the chairman.

Additional Rules
These bylaws are effective from March 24, 2013.

Kirishima Geoguide Network Bylaws (PDF)


Kirishima Geoguide Network Admission Form


Kirishima Geoguide Network Withdrawal Notice

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